QUPEX hosts monthly guest speaker luncheons at the Tattersall’s Club, 215 Queen Street, Brisbane (map below).

Members and guests must register online to attend each function.


Speaker/EventCompanyTopicEvent Date
James PlumbCarter Newell“Back to the future” - gas reservation policy in 2020: a review of Australian gas reservation and other gas export controls11 February 2020
tbatbatba10 March 2020
tbatbatba14 April 2020
tbatbatba12 May 2020
tbatbatba9 June 2020
tbatbatba14 July 2020
tbatbatba11 August 2020
tbatbatba8 September 2020
tbatbatba13 October 2020
tbatbatba10 November 2020